HPCSA Accreditation (South Africa)

The HPCSA took a decision over 10 years ago to only approve tertiary, full time degree programs (primarily aimed at school-leavers) such as a Bachelor of Science (BSc) etc.

On the contrary, the UK acknowledges that adult education and life-long learning is a reality and designed Paramedic career pathways that allow learners to work and complete their education at the same time.

As our Emergency Care Diploma is of a UK origin, the HPCSA unfortunately will not entertain any attempt at accreditation.

HCPC Accreditation (United Kingdom)

After training paramedics for the UK for many years we elected to stop doing so as the HCPC UK unfortunately took the decision to no longer accredit colleges outside the UK land border.

We currently train intermediate life support second crew for the UK and international market which is recognized by Qualsafe UK.

This path can lead to paramedic registration in the US and the UK via training partners who afford RPL for our course as a part qualification towards their full paramedic course thus saving you time and money.