HPCSA Accreditation (South Africa)

The HPCSA took a decision over 10 years ago to only approve tertiary, full time degree programs (primarily aimed at school-leavers) such as a Bachelor of Science (BSc) etc.

As our Emergency Care Diploma is of a UK origin, the HPCSA unfortunately will not entertain any attempt at accreditation.

HCPC Accreditation (United Kingdom)

The UK HCPC is responsible for regulating the primary crew member (Paramedic) and as such does not have a mandate to regulate the second crew member qualifications, which we provide.

HPAC Accreditation (United Kingdom)

The Health Practice Associate Council (HPAC) is the UK's regulator for pre-hospital clinicians below the grade of Paramedic. 

Both the First Response Emergency Care Certificate (FREC4) and Diploma (FREC5) form the basis for registration with the Health Practice Associates Council of the United Kingdom for those Graduates that meet their requirements upon successful completion of the Course. 

For more information on this Regulatory Body please visit www.hpac-uk.org