There is a certain fitness level required to be effective as a Close Protection Officer but also to train you safely. We would ask that you answer the test questions in your application honestly and by actually doing the fitness test at home. You are approved for training based on this information to keep you safe from injury on the course.

In order to attend the Close Protection Course you should be able to:

- run 2,4km in under 14 minutes
- complete a minimum of 2 pull-ups in 1 minute
- complete a minimum of 35 push-ups in 1 minute
- complete a minimum of 40 Sit-Ups within 2 minutes
- run 10x25m continuous shuttle runs in 1 minute
- swim 30m unaided in 30 seconds in the open sea (clothed in running gear)
- jump two meters from a pier into the water

Please note that you will be required to perform a Fitness Test when arriving on course and a detailed description of the Fitness Assessment can be found here